A/DA Flanger [MN3007]

NOTE: All the information on this page refers to MN3007 versions of the ADA Flanger clone circuit.

Full project documentation is Here

Video series on calibrating the completed circuit

The circuit presented here is a work-alike circuit that combines some modern refinements with more easily obtained components in order to get as close as possible to the classic, bombastic sounds of the 1970’s A/DA Flanger.


January 2010 – Here is the new rev5 of the MN3007 version of the A/DA flanger clone circuit. The most noticable addition is probably the LT1054 based charge pump circuit that will enable the circuit to be powered from a standard tip negative +9VDC power supply, just like most other stompboxes. There is also some clarification on the appropriate frequency range to be set when calibrating the finished unit.

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NOTE – The trim pot installed in the perfboard area in the lower left corner of the PCB is for setting the output volume.

Jan 2009 – This is an A/DA flanger circuit like the previous PCBs I have offered in the past, but it has been reworked to replace the SAD1024 (which has become nearly impossible to find) with a MN3007 (or NTE1641). There are a couple of threads over at diystompboxes with the details of how the retrofit was worked out.

All of the work on this retrofit was really done by oldschoolanalog. He sent me a little daughterboard with a MN3007 and I tried it out in the A/DA circuit that I built for myself? sounds fantastic. Slightly different than with the SAD1024, but the incredible sweep width and unique character are both all there. Here’s a picture of my ADA build with oldschoolanalog’s MN3007 daughterboard plugged in place of the SAD1024.