Squelchy Squarefuzz


The Squelchy Squarefuzz is a Univox Squarewave with all sorts of different feedback connections and such. Kind of an experiment, I think it looks better than it sounds. With all the controls built into it, you might think that it is capable of producing a really wide range of sounds. But, the audio clips pretty much sum it up.

Electric Guitar

Electric Bass

Stock Univox Squarewave Documentation


PCB Layout

PCB Toner Transfer

The graphics were done in MSPaint, and printed on opaque, iron-on t-shirt transfer material (the kind made specifically for ironing on to dark fabric). I just followed the included instructions (as if I was making a t-shire instead of a stompbox enclosure) and ironed the printed transfer on to the face of my enclosure and sprayed it with a few coats of lacquer. I would use this stuff again. I’m reall happy with the results. It’s got a nice, high quality silkscreened look to it.