Jawari Case

The Jawari is one of Tim Escobedo’s creations; cool kind of electric sitar sort of effect. Read about it at his web site. His updated schematic and a sound clip recorded with guitar are there, along with lots of other cool stuff. There are some good Jawari sound clips posted at the Runoff Groove, too.

I breadboarded the circuit, played around with it a bit, and then added a couple mods when I built the pedal into the enclosure. Here’s my layout and wiring diagram…

The Boost switch is a DPDT that switches the positive lead of the grounded 1uF capacitor between terminals 1 and 2 on the Jawari (Timbre) control pot. The effect is a sort of ‘dirty’ sounding level boost.

The Order control is a 1M pot that is connected across the input and output, a la TSA. The effect is an intensifying, gated fuzz that becomes more disorderly as it is turned CCW. Turning the the Order control CW allows more orderly behavior.

I like this pedal a lot. Great for bass. Real knutzed out noise fuzz buzz with a lot of the bottom end still retained.

Bass Guitar

Jawari Board
Jawari Inside
Jawari Open