Tube Steak Fuzz

I’ve always liked the Craig Anderton Tube Sound Fuzz / Way Huge Red Llama. It sounds equally good on bass, without a clean blend, as it does on guitar. But what to do with those four extra, unused inverters in the CD4049?

Well, I recently stumbled on a schematic of the Way Huge Fat Sandwich online. I don’t know if the schematic was correct, had any errors or not. But, what I took away from it was how the CD4049 inverters were stacked in parallel, in two groups of three, within the basic Tube Sound Fuzz configuration.

So, that’s what the Tube Steak is about – no unused inverters in a TSF/Llama fuzz. Well, that and the really cool internally illuminated enclosure that I made for it.

Check it out:

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Acoustic 360 Bass Fuzz

I love the sound of fuzz bass. But as a bass player, it sometimes seems like I’ve been on an endless quest for a great sounding bass fuzz circuit. I’ve tried quite a few different ones, both commercial and DIY, and the one that I keep coming back to is the fuzz channel from the classic Acoustic 360 Bass Preamp.
Acoustic 360 Bass FuzzOver the years, I’ve built a number of different versions of the Acoustic 360 Bass Fuzz, always adding some additional tweaks and modifications to the next one to make it sound progressively better to my ears. And so, I’ve always had some version of the Acoustic 360 Bass Fuzz on my bass pedalboard. But, I think I might have finally gotten to the point where I just don’t need to tinker with it anymore. This may be my final revision of the Acoustic 360 Bass Fuzz.
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