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Welcome to!

My name is Charlie Barth and I love music... listening, playing, writing and recording music. I also like to build stompboxes. So pretty much everything you'll find here has something to do with stompboxes, audio effects, music and music gear.
"I tend to like anything that I think sounds good."

The HOME page is full of thumbnail images that link to detailed descriptions of some things that I've built for myself, mostly stompboxes. But I've also built some other things like microphones and direct boxes that I use for recording.

The THINGS page is where I will occasionally offer various items for sale, such as PCBs, kits or finished stompboxes.

The IDEAS page is my Blog. This is where I'll put information about building or modifying audio effects, circuits, music gear, etc... anything that I think is cool that enlightened me or gave me some ideas that I wanted to share. Feel free to add your own comments or questions and I'll reply when time allows.

The MUSIC page is where I've posted mp3 links and credits for some of the music projects that I've been involved with over the years. You'll find some of my solo work here, too.

The STOMPBOXOLOGY page is where I've posted some scans of Nicholas Boscorelli's out of print, but very cool newsletter - Stompboxology.

I hope you have fun and find something that you like.

Thanks for stopping by!


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