OS+++ Modified Orange Squeezer

This is a schematic for a modified version of the Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer compressor. All of the mods came from a discussion at DIY Stompboxes. The original objective was to optimize the circuit for bass guitar by replacing the half-wave rectifier with a full-wave rectifier, among other mods as noted on the schematic.

I have not built this circuit, myself. But there have been a number of reports at DIY Stompboxes over the years. Reviews are mixed. Some feel that the stock version of the Orange Squeezer is as good as it gets.

Anyway, here’s the schematic (click for bigger). If you build it and have any thoughts or further suggestions, please feel free to post them below.


5 thoughts on “OS+++ Modified Orange Squeezer

  1. I think that there’s an opportunity here to use full-wave to permit a more drastic reduction of the smoothing capacitor in order to speed this thing up. I don’t like the snap on the front edge of the notes.

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